I’ve made so many mistakes and decisions that have put me through what I am going through today…and the pain always made it that much harder for me to make the people I love happy… I knew that one day I’ll make the biggest mistake of my life, and I will learn the most from it. Maybe that is when I will be happy. Maybe…

❝ And if we ever meet again,
then I’ll have so much more to say.
R.R. (via kimberlyrad)

❝ Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us. ❞
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea (via hqlines)

❝ The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving. ❞
Kai, Lessons in Life #39  (via sundaylatte)

(Source: psych-facts)

❝ You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger. ❞
Buddha (via kushandwizdom)

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